If you wish to become a tenant at the Residence Collège de Foix or would like more information: Contact the manager. He will inform you of current availability and the conditions for accepting applications.


To apply for accommodation, two conditions are essential:

  • To be a student
  • Have a joint and several guarantee (or guarantor)
The guarantor then commits himself through two documents: the rental contract (or lease) and the deed of joint guarantee.

Application procedure

After receiving your application, you need to send us the documents you need to complete your file.

To find out how to access the Foix College Residence, please consult our FAQ

Documents required for the signature of the contract

If your request is accepted, we will make an appointment with you to draw up the rental agreement, the Joint Guarantee Agreement and the State of the Places of Entry.

You will then be asked to provide us with the following documents:

  • 1 photocopy of the identity card of the guarantor
  • last 3 pay slips of the guarantor (or tax notice)
  • 1 certificate of Multi-risk Housing Insurance at the address of the accommodation
  • 1 copy of RIB of the account that will be debited for the rent payments
  • 1 medical certificate of fitness to practise sport in order to be able to participate in the Gym-Muscu course.
  • 1 cheque of 150 € corresponding to the association membership fee
  • 1 security deposit cheque corresponding to one month's rent