Foix College Residence
Foix College Residence
Student housing


Charte de fondation du Collège de Foix

Built in 1457 on the initiative of Cardinal Pierre de Foix, Foix College Residence hosted until the French Revolution scholarship students who had there a place to live and study.

Confiscated as national property  by the revolutionaries, the residence is sold to many homeowners who make it their home around 1795.

It was bought in 1817 by Father Maurice Garrigou who established the Sisters of Our Lady of Compassion, and a seminar, hosting many priests in training, reviving student type of residence.

At the end of the seminar, the Residence host a student youth center run by the Sisters of Our Lady of Compassion, and nowadays a student residence.

Part of the building is still occupied by the Sisters of Our Lady of Compassion who continues their work of education and care in favor of the poor.